Paige Taggart


the thing is I think really I want nothing
and honesty isn’t always a good thing
people don’t have patience for boldness
say you are willing to walk up and say anything
I am saying and so knowing
I am bad ass
you meet someone and say
let’s have laborious sex
and shy away and go away and never come back
it is the equinox so I am acting funny
I love to be in love and then I don’t
not because it is snowing today but because I forget how
and so quickly learn again
and in that moment achieve utter and complete in loveness
you feel like home, I tell you and mean it
lean past your roots, encompass the carnage of guilt
you are a human factory of forgiveness
you have let everything go and you still keep it all
as if holding a thing was a real spaceship
hooray we are eager but both broke and unfit
if ever there was an oval we’d be at its center
demystified purpose of invention
so propose to me, I say, so rid the guilt
except, it is infectious and commoditized
we have a fever with the chills
are lost between two time-zones


if beyond the limits of our own kind
there were more kinds
we wouldn’t know what to do with them

I would hand-out hula-hoops and say
swing your hips in a broad radius
but afterwards I’d feel ashamed for projecting

taking turns is not my type of mastery
with what we have done tonight and tomorrow
it is like nothing once again and everyone coming over

if ever pleasure was so pleasing you’d reserve a space for me

I want to fill my entire body with yours but that is irrational
not fair like a blue whale that travels 5,000 kilometers to mate
what willing creatures

I can’t even preserve silence
and so you see
we do agree


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