Lauren Leavitt


I fester in your fancy cake and
euphoric illusion
of arm and arm and
cheek of thoughtlessness

my cure to an unreliable passion
my alternative
is wrong, but it is breathing and
inappropriate breathing

I vacate our box to
take the Hercules choice
of substance and still
you are my other



Others were more shepherd than I.
They took what sheep I wore.

To be a shepherd to be imminent.
I eyed this in my sack of please.

I came to tell them I’ve gone white.
I am trying and try to re-open.

Here, on my pasture, I will be.
An open girl if shepherds pace.

Then on grass with hints of them.
I raise my arms to bring us back.

Be shepherd be this girl of herd thought.
Click clack and wind. Mostly, I am flock.



Come to this place of places.
Here I am waiting for everything to line up.
______________ for everyone to line me.

Oh Line, we have done it.
It is everything I have ever wanted and skeletons.

Come closer to be holy.
I do not need rabbits to be round.

Round is readers and
I think it is lovely, the color of readers.



it takes one red brick
to alienate everything that is good
one red brick alienates
calloused knuckles and ritual closet checks

and there are smoke stacks
and we tilt to the left
too far, we should go back
my head should float
on the side of the airplane
with the red and yellow
and everything that makes walls

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