Gregory Lawless


Sometimes science seems like a miracle!
how, when we put our minds to it,

we can build a world-melting laser
on a machine the size of a small moon

that looks, albeit, like something even
bigger and more sinister took a few bites

out of it first—you can still see the jagged spires
of scaffolding and space-tarps blowing

in the solar wind. But all of this just affirms
my belief that you need a great evil

to get things done: rebels, lawlessness,
untidiness in the provinces. People who don’t know

what to do with their freedom and, so,
scarcely deserve it. With people like that

loose in the universe, it’s best to strike first
(again), to crush their spirit with the weight

of our great achievements. Unlike them, we get rich
for the right reasons, fighting for order and investment

opportunities, the right to run the cosmos
like a business. Shame not everyone sees it

this way. They destroyed us once. They’d be fools
to think they could do it again.

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