Nathalia Perozo



I broke a tooth/kissing
_ a coconut pastry
mid sentence
__the last sugared swan
_now accepting donations
for other injured birds

I polish their cages
with dishwasher soap
_ environmentally minded
fashion people
_ draping coastlines in pink/fabric
their decadence is comfort
__a diamond on display
at the women’s zoo



The actress is de
facto authority
imagine history
a made thing
celluloid union
outside the world
less eye, more lip
starlet wiggling out
first, second, third
marriage locked
the next new –
lady tunnel
Bacall’s light
pink cigarette suit
the smart retreat
stretched piston
Bogart is
the lit passage
a martini glass
primping the fourth
love of my life
an olive sinking
into the bigger sleep
always premature
under a wave of hair
he whispers
Hello Baby
the man’s man falls hard.


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