J.K. Daniels



I know you’re wrecked                        call me “mermaid” when you mean
you cannot abide my oceany stench    going on about my eyes
my eyes and the pearls                                     on the wife’s neck
 ______________________ No I don’t know
what wainscoting is                 for fuck’s sake I’m shucking oysters
______________________________________from their shells
Put down the tea and   the creased photo of your wife
on your wedding day                           Yes she’s pretty if peaked

I don’t know how much more welcoming a girl could be
__________________________________I’ve winked     I’ve wiped
the bar in front of you clean
_______________________Why are you weeping over a peach
If the skin wrinkles under your finger              the flesh is ripe
juicy and sweet            goodness you’re squeamish     about what’s wet
If you say so                  I can see how the napkin looks like a winding sheet

No you’re not whining but      hurry up now please  it’s time.


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