Molly Prentiss


in the piñata store looking for one with overalls. still wearing overalls at this age. still getting older. about to be old. paying off your credit card with my inheritance. about to break you even. still looking at me like that. still having those eyes. now blindfolded. now breaking the piñata. now drawing a beard on it. now hitting it in the arm, the head. mostly hitting it in the overalls. about to be all over. about to be older. about to be broken, sucking candy, eating cake, crying that we didn’t get enough.




looking in the free section on craigslist. squatting over a toilet seat and peeing on my leg.  hey mama, people say to my boobs. ayeayeaye. i am cutting and pasting my life away. drinking herbal tea for sanity. out of my seventy seven ex boyfriends, seventy seven are getting married this year. twitter is for freaks. i started using months ago. lunch breaks are the worst possible invention. knowing you have to go back. fuck everyone. wanting to fuck everyone. your ex professor. latin america. intellectual jews. herbal tea is making me insane. it is for old people and depressives. am i a depressive. ayeayeaye. lunch breaks are for freaks. smoke breaks are for bartenders. fuck everyone. bartenders. everyone. fuck super hero shows. fuck cutting and pasting my life into 140 characters. my whole life into the computer. bartenders, everyone. the free section on craigslist is so depressing. bedbugs and broken mirrors. looking for a way out. looking for a latin america. never going to marry anyone. my ex boyfriends can be found in the classified section of craigslist, looking for a good extramarital fuck. i can be found right here.

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