Deirdre Knowles


The pulp of a bear,
the zest of a duck,
the skin of a finch.

The blubber of a seal,
the brains of a fish,
the liver of a whale.

A pinch of the zest,
a quiver of the whale,
a ruffle of the blubber.

Take your favourite three,
unsheath your finest knife
and cut your best hand in two.

Mix down zest, knead pulp,
unskin a rabbit, full, plump,
re-entrail a pheasant.

Shoot back at the hunter,
unbirth any children to hand and
unfuck a rabbit.

Fill your severed hand with peas,
(or rosemary if you prefer the flavour)
cut it clean with a cleaver,
cook at gas mark 6 and say your prayers.




A penis in an appropriate state makes for a perfect musical instrument,
an anus may provide percussion.
A pair of cunty lips, and fingers,
are not appropriate for public displays of music
and may be confiscated aboard airplanes or inside mammals.
The vagina is not a musical instrument – it can be used for aeronautic engineering.
Breasts are not drums and thumbs not drumsticks.
Use your mouth for sex and only sex and nothing but sex.
The use of penises and vaginas and anuses for sex is prohibited by the Musicians Union.
Do not lubricate before a concert.
Do not mouth words or sing during a concert. Keep such acts to a private place.




I am a B not an A nor a C.
You are a D and wish you were an S.
I could be an F if you were an M.
I am not a Z. You are not a Z.
I am a proud G. You are a weak G.
We might be Ls if we believed in Ls.
I believe we are Vs and we are Qs.
I love you because you are not a Q
or B or F or G or L or me.
We aren’t a fucking alphabet. We’re free.

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