David Raymond



1. This morning lasted longer than yesterday morning.

2. Across the low meadow the fog skidded to a halt.***

3. The words for snow filled a boxcar fleeing the scene.

4. You were sad; others were elated like patriots discovering flags soaked in gin.

5. Nothing good happened.

6. The DOW soured; we served parrots on the terrace.

7. Later, when the moon was full, “please, please,” you said, “piano.”

* Var. (Variation) another way of presenting an idea or text in this case with footnotes.

** Spring, the season of new

*** Halt, an opportunity to pause and reflect on nature, chance, misery and destiny such as:

Owl, a round faced bird with a swivel head, talons and a contract.

Brink, the edge of the abyss or the edge of chance from whence come owls.

Nuance, the slim thing that alters, like a dime in the shoe of a very poor man.

Pile, the heap that may be altered just below the brink as destiny would have it.

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