Roberto Montes



I love sharing this secret_____I’ve never been able to_____Show off

my beach bod_____until now_____the seaweed flaps out_____And the starfish tear

their limbs_____to float to us_____We are sometimes compelled to be good

by disease_____and starvation_____The final piece of bread_____is the one we imagine

we’ve given away______No one notices_____ever in the choir_____You do you

as if we had a choice_____your position will be held_____the office will be waiting

and your children will understand_____Why their arms_____will see them go



I hate America but I LOVE its prices

My little brother was dismembered
by the thought_____he’d spent too
much redistributed his body so_____it
occupies all of it

I have faith in you___returning your life

to where it came_____before there were
two oceans to unite and make us

Querido l’encontró_____A disinterested space_____I felt

little and overwrought_____populating
the air_____I was owed



One day I will be dead_____and then who
will tell me they renamed Twitter

or belittle my corpse____into productive employment____I lay
awake at night____and inside it____lengthens
me with questions____I should know____what the dead don’t

or like

I shouldn’t beat myself up_____there
are others____who gladly would for me

You can only love them_____the expectant hands
from the river the mean and petty


about which the vessel carefully unravels



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