Molly Brodak


A forgery, a ship:
it is greedy empty;
your cheek increasing
upon mine as you slept,
warm thermal shunt
of lungs under lungs
slunk long on a couch
after the movie.

Little song in your gape.
You patter, you fight it.
Pale black creek.
Left yourself in my arms.
I left myself. Your jaw.
Your opaque image:
a rebuke, a tunnel.





(1) to establish, ship
The air there is avarice,
Add to your cheeks
I° sleep after you
Shunt active disease
Lungs with lungs
Slunk into bed for a long time resident of
After the answer.

Some things you will be surprised by the song.
Jargon, unless you kill him.
Pale death here.
Their coach.
I survived. Her jaw.
Controversial Photo:
Finding fault with the passage under the earth.




(English-Hatian Creole-Bulgarian-Hatian Creole-Latin-English)

A fake boat:
It is vain to a vicious
A is increased or sentiy in a
I would be dead
Lung in the lungs
Slunk each of Minutes
After the reply.

Hymn of the yawn you.
The thing is that you, as it.
Congratulations! Lasinya.
Now, pardon the shirt.
The rest of the head. The cheek.
Or, provided the documents image:
A rebuke, in the passage of the ear

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