James Tadd Adcox



Were you still going to talk, one more time? In one of my previous lives
I was clearly a revolutionary, and we sat around at moments of crisis just like this,
and there’s a part of me analyzing the pretension of that phrase: our current situation.
And then someone offers an analysis.
_____________________________I just wish our system was collapsing so completely, but
part of my thrilledness is a taste of that.
Unfortunately we can’t burn down city hall.

We are not represented anyway.
You see the phrase, the withering of the state. Does it come out of some huge
spontaneous moment?
__________________No. It eats us up.

I take from you what I can. There is no explanation.





You’re so fed up with the people you just get sick of them.
You’re sick of the food, whatever it is. Trying to understand
what it is within headhunting communities that makes them work.
And yet it looks and feels like barbarism. At that moment
you’ve marshaled the tropes of pathos,
because you have not understood the systems of power.
You need to get to the heart of power.
All of that has fallen apart.

______________________Tradition is a complex thing:
people who get paid to perform horrendous acts on others.
To put it bluntly, can’t people be wrong about why they believe things?
There’s another passage that I’m looking for here.
You’re not actually scared of gay marriage. He exists
at an opposite pole, always looking for the final logic, in fact
you have a duty to dismantle the final logic, purified
of real voices and real people, but it’s true. Sometimes
you just stumble into that.

This is not Bolivia.
It’s always about God, and so on and so on. And then he gets all upset.
And so we have these wonderful conversations, these moments
in which other voices would exist. There’s a whole island off of Australia
full of migrants. They’re not going to take them to Australia, Australia
is paying a tiny nation to keep them there. They sign these agreements,
they establish pipelines: we can keep them two months, but we can’t
keep them six months. What is intention here? What will emerge?

Yes, we will advance / in terms of some humongous power.

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