Eireann Lorsung


To be ordered to wear the uniform.
To every two weeks be ordered as such.
To receive as a result of refusal for instance
__ a cell without furniture
__ or plain tea, broth, and dry bread.

To be a prison governor is something else.
To move through a prison like it is the digestive system of a big, invisible
__ animal whose workings you are not responsible for.

This prologue to certain late-century movements.
Geologic time has no marker for fifty-six days, fifty-nine days.
The human body accords its own pardon, coma.

What is the difference between a criminal and a political criminal?
For example the right to wear one’s own clothes.
Recently there has been a petition granted allowing the use of hunger
__ as a mode of resistance.

After seventy-four days. After thirty days. After fifty-four days. At
__ the intercession of family. On a doctor’s advice. By force.
__ Death. By medical intervention. After almost sixty days.
__ Death.

In a room whose walls are smeared with one’s own excrement.
Underwater with no indication of an end time.
With electrodes attached to hands, nipples, genitals, feet.
Isolated, unidentified, on death row, extradited, in one’s own clothes.

The pressure from the foreign secretary to change the name of the street.
Something in me swells and threatens to overrun when I read whose name
__ is written in Farsi on the wall of the former embassy.

To receive ministrations for the body and soul in one’s own language.
To feel the body anointed.
Someplace the body still insisting on its ownness.
To be visited but not with pain.
To be recognised for correct action despite the official disdain for the body.

After three years. After a year. Two years. Five years. More than 400 days.
__ According to psychologists, no longer than thirty days. The entire
__ time he was held there. Intermittently for nearly a decade.



The quality of rain is that it occurs first of all where we are.

No one is comfortable with something purely a list of what:

/Is/ a quantity we have the most trouble defining.

Such that is used as fuel.
Such that has the capacity to undergo fission.
Such that has to be separated from the more common isotope.
Such that has its origins in Latin.
Such that is a dense silvery radioactive element.
Such that only trace amounts in nature.
Such that blueish-grey. Such that ductility.
Such that extremely reactive.
Such that soft, silvery, alkali, a trace in some rocks and minerals.
Such that over the blue part of the spectrum.

In the most straightforward language Radioactive decay | The water was radioactive

To gradually fall back, as dust; as precipitation

A variant pronunciation, a number of particles released on impact

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