Bruce Covey


_____________there are storytellers, fuckers, etc.
troops of _________________________________both sexes
___________________________________only the ethos of
discourse __________jubilant_____euphoric
_______________________is that of availability
__________________find a subject-object
___disposal by constraint

____________the purpose not being
________________________but to abolish the wound
the abundance of ____material
________________________need is not intended to consti-

________________________but, paradox, truly utopian
____________function in its contradiction
always and never
pends on the degree of ____________bitterness
concluded ______________________________supreme amo




My insides pour out of their little pipes.
An organ is not something you can carry around with you.
The fly in my ear is the kid next door remoting his toy.
What’s the buzz on coffee these days?
April pulls a poem out of my purpose.
& if to a plane thou dost aspire
Who will be the third one to drizzle?
Ron Padgett’s poems make me happy.
Do you remember Husker Du?
Is Sammo Hung still alive?
________________._taken down by Hollywood
A small round table succeeds the big one
Winding its way through a pack of cigarettes
This spring. Birds want to beat up cars.
Death is shit, and shit is everywhere.
Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to feel sure?

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