Rebecca Farivar



We had to take her
to the hospital

and we will hold
it against her. It’s

poor form to panic
and eat all the worms

making your dress.
Be honest. To see

a perfect specimen
look haunted,

strange, off her game,
is awesome.




The water receded.
It looked good.

Now it’s up to
our chests.

It’s not like the time
a man dripped

water up my nose
and told me

I was drowning.
We are drowning

and we won’t
give up.




I built a castle.
The smallest

on the river.
It’s like a man

in how it holds
the land

where it stands.
The blood

on my face
isn’t new.

I wasn’t hit.
The blacksmith

in the castle
forges no arms.




Here is the space
in which I live.

As if it’s a castle.
Home is a hem.

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