If we build a big mirror,
we can bounce sunlight

back at the sun, pushing
it away from us, cooling off

the polar ice caps and
restoring order to

the scribbled coastline.
Bless the bad tattoo,

cotton candy on the pier,
summer homes free of

stilts. A mirror is a pretty
simple tool for self-reflection.




the sky is the lining
of an old coat
but you undress
and I can go on living
another billion years

I eat a pear
and watch a gull
mock my bullshit





Don’t eat grapes—
they’re someone else’s

bruises. If nothing
heals, nothing knows
the loop of life.

A horse, too thin,
walks the beach

alone, drinks
from tide pools
until a swarm

of hornets take pity—
a million of them

lift the horse,
spine sagging,
over the dunes

and into
the vineyard.

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