And for everything its spatial component. A sound, a slip. Almost the same
but not quite. Welcome to an explicitly cruel way to know: likeness making
its break from   the  body.  Passive  haul mile-stunned  down the  highway,
Swallowtail stuck under the blade. In recent weeks, I have learned much of
viscera.  Can  tell  you  with  increasing  clarity  what’s  invented  of  viscera.
Represent mood as a system of subdermal vectors. A guttural weather. Iron
filings  shy  and vital  on  this  glass plane. On  fine days,  a radiant  failure of
membrane. There is no end to emoting. We wear our bones quite differently.
We  have  barriers.  We  have  radically  similar  understandings  of  barriers.
Take this enamel-thin, these mirrorteeth. This likeness in shadow & marrow.

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