Issue Eleven

Justin Andrews lives in Atlanta where he studies Comparative Literature at Emory University.   The Concrete of Tight Places, his first book, was published by Green Lantern Press in 2010.  Anarch, his second book, is forthcoming from Open Mouth Records.

Daniel Beauregard lives in Atlanta and works as a reporter for a local newspaper. His work has appeared in Jellyfish, NAP, Brown God, Spittoon and elsewhere. These poems are part of a larger piece titled “HELLO MY MEAT,” a series of sonnets compiled from phrases found in various anatomy textbooks, captain’s logs, letters from sea and butcher manuals from the early 1900s. You can follow him @666ICECREAM.

Caroline Cabrera is the author of Flood Bloom (H-NGM-N BKS, 2013) and the chapbook Dear Sensitive Beard (dancing girl press, 2012).  Her poems have most recently appeared in Bateau, Conduit, Phantom Limb and Pretty Lit.  She lives in South Florida.

Brooke Ellsworth is the author of Thrown, a forthcoming chapbook from The New Megaphone (Spring 2014).  She received her MFA in Poetry from The New School, where she currently teaches.

Tyler Gobble is the editor of Stoked Journal, associate editor of Magic Helicopter Press, and a contributor at Vouched Books. He’s the author of four chapbooks and the full-length poetry collection, MORE WRECK MORE WRECK (Coconut Books, forthcoming 2014). More at

Lindsey Hutchison graduated with a B.A. in History/English from the College of William & Mary. Her poems have appeared at The Juvenilia, Paper Darts and Vinyl Poetry. She lives/works/loafs in Richmond, VA.

Nathan Kemp is a graduate student focusing in poetry at the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts. His work appears or is forthcoming in Housefire, NAP, Weave Magazine, and Puerto del Sol. He reads poetry for Whiskey Island and is a poetry editor for Barn Owl Review.

Daisy Lafarge is a student in Edinburgh although hibernating in Finland until 2014. She has writing forthcoming in The Scrambler and UP. Interests include chlorophyll and hypermobility. @janepaulette

Sarah León is an Arizona native and a recent graduate of The New Writer’s Project at UT Austin. Sarah currently lives in Seattle and works at Richard Hugo House, a nonprofit community writing center. When not walking, she is writing, and when not writing, she is either camping or eating too much pizza.

Keegan Lester started poeming again this past October after taking his own two year post MFA retirement, inspired by Pat White’s decision to come out of retirement and take another shot at the NFL.   He has since launched a lit journal called Souvenir.  He has lived in four states in the last four years.  Post retirement, he finds himself living in West Virginia and his work can be found, or will be found soon, in: The Barn Owl Review, Death Hums,  Mixed Fruit and Red-Headed Step Child.  

Rob MacDonald lives in Boston and is the editor of Sixth FinchHis poems can be found in Gulf CoastiOnotnostrumsSink ReviewH_NGM_N and other journals.

Kati Mertz is a writer of fiction and poetry in the Northeast Ohio MFA. She is Co-Editor-In-Chief of Rubbertop Review and a contributor for Whiskey Island. When she is not doing those things, she is co-curating the BIG BIG MESS READING SERIES. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Toad le Journal, Birdfeast, Vector, The Bakery & others. She lives in Akron, OH.

Joe Milazzo is the author of the chapbook The Terraces (Das Arquibancadas) (Little Red Leaves Textile Series, 2012). His writings have appeared in H_NGM_NThe CollagistDrunken BoatBlack Clock, and elsewhere. Along with Janice Lee and Eric Lindley, he edits the online interdisciplinary arts journal [out of nothing] ( He is also the proprietor of Imipolex Press ( Joe lives and works in Dallas, TX, and his virtual location is

Jon Ruseski is a poet and musician based out of Northampton, MA and New Haven, CT. He is promotions manager for Factory Hollow Press and blogs about how awesome the world is at

Kimberly Ann Southwick lives in Philadelphia. She is the founder and editor in chief of the literary arts journal Gigantic Sequins. Her writing has been published in a variety of online and print journals, including BarrelhouseEveryday Genius, and PANK. Find out more on twitter @kimannjosouth and via her website.

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