Alexis Pope



And this will be my master
piece. Where I fall open sliced
into blackness. This tub of honey
and you on my face & in
my eyes. Nothing you tell me
is dead. All I see are the strobe
lights behind you. The dance floor
dropped down into mud. My backwards
stepping tonight will be undone,
you in my mirror eye, my broken-
in back. Sit down & get very
comfortable. My hands tighten
as if I’ve already finished & rubbing
them together I scream out. Something
about last night. Something about
lovers & how my stage never featured
the kind of act you were interested
in. Nothing ever & ever I paced around
waiting for a moment in which to tell
you all the secrets. The world dies
around me. To me knees I fall always
in your direction. My hands twist
into marvelous shapes, but the reaching
grows tired. Inside me there lives
an orchestra of dreams. The planets
have these other plans. I decide
to kill you so you will feel
only me forever.



You said balance and I balanced
because I do what you tell me. I ran

seven miles, your door shocked my
face. I ate seventeen popsicles. I peed

blue out my little hole. I threw
up sand & you made the bed

with the clean laundry. Questions
like how to fold the fitted sheet,

I know no answer. We balance
strange balls of light on our

ear lobes. I balance a diet & eat
cream soda frozen into the ice

cube trays. Vanilla is a thing
your skin tastes. Almond a shape

I wish to be. My bloat heart
so heavy I can’t stand

up straight. Hunch heart
you call me. I brew strong

blush on my skinny flesh. Aged
my body to a firm cheese, I feel

much much better. Now your
chest chilled and I will eat

into you like a soft knife. Balance
napkins, navel & a sliced pear

skin you have so I keep eating
your muscled place. Take your nose

off when you touch my mouth
metal. You mush me. Mate

kind noises into my space
on this side. Will you come

over? I want a dinner party
thrown in my honor. No reason

it is not my birthday
everyday. Wake me up with

your sunny breath & I ache
for you. Numb aches are okay.

I am okay. There were large
fish under my feet & I wanted

out. Your beef arms held my
body weight into the air. I felt

a chill & the airplane crashed
safely. No one was hurt.

That is not true if you consider
not bodies. I looked behind

my shoulder & knew no one
else would let me not swim

with the something like dolphins
just because I was uncomfortable

mixing with the fish like that.
There was another dream

with a blanket baby worn
on my back & there were black

bears & a train. It doesn’t
matter I guess. When I wake

the face doesn’t mean as much
as the chest. There was a bat

but I ate him with a rabies
side. I want to feel everything.

I don’t blame myself. I blame
you. There is no balance and

I know that now. We will die
holding on to all we hate.


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