Kim Stoll sent us this delightful missive & including this intriguing re-working of fellow ILK NINER John Myers:

It’s a sort of translation/transliteration, footnoted thing. I have no clue what to call it exactly. Basically, the footnotes are loosely based on the meanings of the Chinese characters for those English words.


This[3] is what hunting[4] feels[5] like. Heard[6],
the horse[7] sips[8] at the river[9] of glass[10] figurines[11]
that I[12] built[13] myself[14] for just this reason[15].

This flower[16]
is bleeding[17] right[18]
onto pillbugs[19].

I’ll[20] need[21] it in the original[22] German
Our paper[23] machine[24] is broken[25]
from too much unhouseable[26] sadness

[1] Heaven, earth, and humanity. Orion’s belt.

[2] Words that aspire.

[3] There is contact. Stop and turn around, the grass is silk.

[4] A dog on guard with raised fur.

[5] A heart bitten. The question: Where are you going? This boat cannot endure the unbearable.

[6] Wait until tomorrow.

[7] Showing head, mane, legs, tail.

[8] The mouth sobs.

[9] Streams join.

[10] Jade.

[11] A person stands in an assigned position.

[12] Hand holding halberd.

[13] We all lift together.

[14] A picture of a tree emphasizing the base.

[15] The heart is a conditional.

[16] Time-consuming plant.

[17] A sprouting plant. A vase and a sacrifice.

[18] Working with your mouth. The persistence of a bird soaring with a stone.

[19] Collection of cooking vessels guarded by a dog, insects stealing rice.

[20] A sound from the heart.

[21] Rains arriving as slow as a growing beard. Hands grasping fur coat. Hands girding a woman’s waist.

[22] A bird rising away from the valley people.

[23] Speak in a logical order.

[24] Wood that protects the public. It is subtle work. Shackles.

[25] Stones break. Sorcerers pray for rain.

[26] Knife scraping flesh from bone.

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