Emily O’Neill remixing Christine Hou: Community Garden For Lonely Girls

ILK NINE likes to wear so many shiny things that its pearls and beads get tangled up. Emily O’Neill saw this happen. She saw this happen, and she tangled us some more– with a remix of Christine Hou:


Community Garden For Lonely Girls

redux/remix after Christine Hou


No fancy men dare

climb the fence.

All the women show up

as birds in photographs;

we use the negatives to mulch

each rotten & invasive species.

Pennies make the pond bottom a sun.

Razor blades dot the driveway with fickle stars.

Mania, spells, & ordinary feelings all grow here

as tangled vines.  I have no place in my own dreams.

My goodness is dimming, has become a cat

winding between the ankles of another’s love.

I am alarmed by the dangerous curve of its back.

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