ILK FOUR came bounding in, even if summer didn’t. We asked a little sheepishly for more found poems:  we got erasures, remixes, translated translations, spambot machinations and slideshows.

It’s a stunner. It’s not even just us that thinks so. Thanks so much to all our ILK (you who are reading this are them too).

FOUR also marked a landmark for ILK in that we finally started to see a 50/50 gender submission ratio. This is an issue close to ILK’s heart and we shout about it a lot.

We love boys. God knows we do, but to celebrate the above excellence, ILK FIVE will be all-women-all-the-time. So gentlemen ILK, please put those burning submissions aside for a month or so.

We’ll be open to submissions for ISSUE FIVE from July 1st – July 31st, so get ready, girls.

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