Lucy Biederman stunned you all in ISSUE THREE with ‘Song,‘ and now she is back, building this wonder in awe of Kyle McCord’s poem ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’


I am a major fan of Kyle McCord’s beautiful-unusual poems. His two ILK poems led me to picture and imagine and remember many strange and gorgeous things. So I thought of trying to pin down some of those many things. I don’t really know why I thought of what I did where I did; I just did. One of the many things I love about Kyle’s Sympathy From the Devil is how many various, deep, and ineffable feelings it gives me. Where I have linked to poems, sometimes it’s because the linked poem has a similar topic–but usually it’s more like the poem gives me some whiff of a similar feeling.

So without further ado, I present to you, the Lucy Hypertext Version of Kyle’s Sympathy From the Devil.



When you laugh at Satan, the Lord laughs also.  But Satan does not laugh

when you laugh at your own apish posture in the mirrorHe has an antelope 

look in his eyes.  He doesn’t love the way you don’t love the gaunt stalker bieder

entering and exiting the community college, the snow-mustached sedan

with the conscious math of a man counting every step till April.  I wish she’d died 

for what she did to you, he whispers when we are uptown for brunch.

There’s a moon so massive that if you saw it you’d die instantly, he says.

I’m not especially convinced, but it’s not totally critical.  When you deny

Satan it’s not like confetti falls or heralding trumpets sound.  You go on 

relishing your Cobb salad on the promenade.  I’ve never wanted to be an alien

more than that moment, to waltz around on that iron and nickel orb. No one 

would collect my mail, except Satan who would need to be blindfolded 

to bring it by. You’ve been away from the world too long, he says.

I know a girl.  But I’m lost on the moon already, where you can never 

say the same thing twice. No one can look in the mirror or speak above a whisper.

Not even light can touch you.



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