Round-Up at the Ol’ ILK Corrale

So in the past few weeks a lot of things have been happening at ILK.

Our second issue (that’s ISSUE TWO)  went live and is here, firing out shiny nuggets of word-goodness. You can cycle back through the blog to find gorgeous audio-visual responses to our first two issues from our contributors .

But ILK is not a journal that likes to rest on its laurels — we are already accepting new submissions for ISSUE THREE, so send us your best and we may just love it enough to welcome it to the third herd of our kind.

ILK has been busy elsewhere on the internet too! Our firstborn ISSUE ONE was reviewed by John McGhee over at the fabulous Sabotage  Reviews. They do good work and we are very grateful for the kind words. We are also grateful to the formidable PEN American for mentioning us on their blog round-up. They are excited about us. We are perpetually excited about them. Another place we are perpetually excited about is HTMLGIANT, where Ben Mirov put together a selection of his favorite new online material, including Nick Sturm’s work from ISSUE TWO.

With all this and the epic ISSUE TWO MIXTAPE that Joshua Ware made us, ILK has been overwhelmed with the love. We hope you are feeling it too.

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